Summer Communications Limited

Build and Innovate your Company

Cool ways we can build your company and innovate your brand

Advertising Services

Advertising Consultancy and Planning customized to the needs of your company.

Marketing Services

Marketing designed to place your company at the helm of it's relative industry over time.

Branding Services

For each client we tailor their brand to suite their desires, while ensuring it stands out and grasps the attention of their target demographic.

Social Media Planning

Social Media plans done per a one on one consultation with each individual client, per their desired outcome.

Web Design

Giving each client an stylish, responsive and engaging website, through which their customers can receive all the information they need , and their products and services can stand out.

Website and Social Media Maintenance

No time to manage your website or social media pages, we have affordable monthly options for you to never have your online presence be dormant ever again.

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