Fitness can reduce stress

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Fitness can reduce stress and in most cases eliminate it all together.

This couldn’t be more true if it were written in the Bible itself. Exercise is the number one way to reduce stress all together. Particularly cardio, yup…..the one type of exercise that most people stray away from. Personally we think cardio is the easiest of the lot to incorporate into the daily routine and trick the body into perfect health and shape.

As simple as skipping the car ride to work and instead leaving earlier and taking a cool walk (depending on how far away it is). Or perhaps walking to go get lunch instead of ordering. Getting friends together after work and going for a run around the city or park, instead of going to the bar.

All these things will introduce cardio into your life in a fun and effortless way without it becoming a regimented dreadful workout that you don’t look forward to doing. And after a week of moving more you will realize your body feels a lot lighter and things that would usually stress you out no longer do so.