How to take control of your thoughts!

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This is much easier said than done. Why? because thoughts are manipulated from day one. That’s right from the time we are born we are confronted with a barrage of things that are designed to tell us how to act, feel, think and everything. Thus making it increasingly difficult as time goes and we get older to have a grasp of our thoughts. Most people become mindless robots doing what they are told while having some random opinions here and there. 

For the ones who dear to stop and think, they find themselves pushing the limits, asking the questions that others are scared to ask and eventually doing legendary things- “Because folks- the grass is greener on the other side of prorogrammed thought!” – #wealthandthelawofattraction 

So, the question now is, how do you do the same, people who dear to think, dear to do! But, it all begins with thought. You are what you “do”, but life will be what you “think”. 

Step one: Undo the programmed way of thinking.

Start by choosing a certain time (at least an hour) everyday to tap out. No music, no television, no gadgets, no people- (yes, no people)- just you! Find a remote place and be with yourself. At first, an influx of thought will come racing into your mind, even accompanied by it’s own music, that’s normal…just take deep breaths and allow your mind to realize that there are no distractions, no reason to be alert for whats next…allow it to just be. Think of this as a form of meditation. 

To be continued………