When the universe is guiding you

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How to know when the universe is guiding you.

Universe is guiding you, how can you tell? For a while now we have been on a life journey out of the old and into the new and since late last year we have been receiving all sorts of signs from the universe that what we asked for, is in fact on it’s way to us.

If you are unsure if the universe is guiding you, or of some of the signs of this please check out our post How to tell when what you are trying to manifest is coming to you. We are so appreciative of all the positive signs, it is literally what keeps us going everyday. And the more we press forward, the more regularly we receive signs of blessing form the universe. We hope that if anything this encourages everyone out there that are trying to manifest something into reality to keep at it, and follow the signs of encouragement and positivity from the universe.