Bikes vs cars!

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Bicycles run on fat and save you money, cars run on money and make you fat!

Bicycles are traditionally used as a form of navigating short distances and more so exercise, but could you image if the traditional bicycle was used for more than just those reasons, and was actually used as a means of getting around even if the distance was a long one. We know! you are probably thinking this is impractical, because you would arrive to your destination extremely sweaty and tired. Since this is an unavoidable truth, let’s eliminate those places that call for you to arrive looking your very best and look more at the place that require nothing but for you to arrive alive. Could you image the way this would change the world.
1). Obesity would virtually vanish!
2). Because of the massive amount of endorphins released in the human body when performing even the simplest of exercises, people would actually be in better spirits.
3). The list of health problems this simple everyday exercise would reduce and eliminate(once it is included as a lifestyle) is actually too long for us to type out.

All these things being said, there are a new wave of bikes called electric bikes that are taking the wave in the biking industry that would solve the problem of arriving to your location sweaty for all those who were thinking it. Have a look see at the article we found on electric bikes Traditional Bikes vs Electric Bikes . 

All these things being considered, we suggest including a bike ride or 2 in your weekly routine as a way to improve your over all health, instead of spending money on transport, invest in a bike and watch your overall health change before your eyes.

Check out the amazing range of biking options below and find something to suite you and your lifestyle. 

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