Food and pregnancy!

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Food and Pregnancy

For many women, pregnancy is a hall pass to eat whatever you want, and why shouldn’t it be–after all they are eating for two. Believe it or not the weight control process begins while you are pregnant. Don’t get us wrong now, it is very important to eat to your hearts content and address every craving as they arise, for your own health and happiness as well as the health and happiness of the baby. However, their is a safe and effective way of doing this all without overeating and slowing your metabolism as a side effect to all the bad eating habits.

“Remember pregnancy is a journey, but the eating decisions that you make might turn the weight gained into a way of life. This can be avoided!”

Here are 3 tips to keep you in tip top shape while pregnant, which would make loosing all the beautiful pregnancy weight after the baby comes out effortlessly easy:

Tip 1).

Every time you feel hungry and or are looking to satisfy a craving, always get your meal with a good liter of water alongside. This will not only be great for the speeding up of the labor process when the time arises, making it that much faster and easier, but it will also help with keeping your skin adequately hydrated as most women suffer from eczema’s when they become pregnant. It will also help you feel more full for a lot longer, which would go a long way in cutting out some of those pesky cravings that often lead to pounds that need not be there for the health of the baby.

Tip 2).

When the late night craving come knocking, answer them with some of what we like to call dirty healthy options. For instance if you have a sweet tooth, try some dried, or fresh fruit dipped in peanut butter. For some additional yumminess, crush up some of your favorite nuts and sprinkle it on top.

Substitute whatever milk you are use to drinking with vanilla almond milk. Drink 2-3 glasses of coconut water a day. And always, when you feel yourself ready to sleep at night, have a hot beverage before you do (of course no caffeine).

Tip 3).

If you scour the internet for pregnancy health advice almost everywhere will tell you to workout and even go as far as to show you how to do so. However, that is not such an easy thing to do while pregnant, and this is understandable. But, there is a short cut through the pregnancy fitness advice that will get you the result with a lot less hassle, and it is simply to walk.

Walk, walk, walk……every day from the second trimester onward go for a walk to the nearest ice cream shop and back (lol) or make a couple blocks, call up a friend or anyone that you will like the company of and walk walk walk. This will not only keep your metabolism in check, but it will also make delivery a walk in the park! Your welcome!