Waist training after pregnancy???!!!

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Waist training is a very controversial topic, especially so for women who just gave birth. Is it right? or more so, is it right for you? Let’s explore!

What is waist training? 

Waist training is the use of a corset like device to contour the waist line and flatten the abdominal cavity. It works by the prolonged use of it along with healthy diet and exercise. 

There are many types of waist trainers. Not all are made the same and some are a lot more painful to wear than others. Some are also made for everyday use, while others are made for use only when e

Is waist-training safe? 

Too much of nothing is good for you, this is also so for waist training. If a person over does it. It will result in the shifting of organs and inevitably alter the person’s body proportions dramatically. By doing so, this would without a doubt make it a very unsafe thing. However, once practiced correctly, waist training is a very safe and sometimes very necessary option in order to reclaim one’s body. 

Is waist training safe to do after giving birth?

Yes it is, It all depends on the time that you choose to waist train and how you go about it. For some women, while they are pregnant they develop what is called Diastasis Recti in the last trimester and some even after. This is a fairly common condition of pregnancy and postpartum in which the right and left halves of Rectus Abdominis muscle spread apart at the body’s mid line fascia, the linea alba.

Widening and thinning of the mid line tissue occurs in response the force of the Uterus pushing against the abdominal wall, in conjunction with pregnancy hormones that soften connective tissue. A mid line of more than 2 to 2.5 finger-widths, or 2 centimeters, is considered problematic. Diastasis recti can occur anytime in the last half of pregnancy but is most commonly seen after pregnancy when the abdominal wall is lax and the thinner mid line tissue no longer provides adequate support for the torso and internal organs.

A small amount of widening of the mid line happens in all pregnancies and is normal. Diastasis recti occurs in about 30% of all pregnancies. Some postpartum women’s mid lines close to less than 2 finger-widths spontaneously, but for many, the tissue remains too wide, causing problems.

When this occurs it is necessary to use a waist trainer in order to rectify the problem. 

How do I use a waist trainer after pregnancy?

It is important to not become obsessed and dependent on the wait trainer after giving birth. It is advised that a woman who recently gave birth should wait a good 6 weeks to 3 months before considering a waist trainer. This is necessary in order to allow the muscles to and the organs that shifted out of place while being pregnant to move back into place properly and on their own. After this has happened, then a waist trainer can be safely introduced. When introducing a post-pregnancy body to a waist trainer, find something that is breathable and adjustable, that you can move around in without feeling like you are in pain or any discomfort. Ensure that you are not wearing it for more than 8 hours a day and that you adjust your diet and exercise plan to suit, in order to achieve the best and quickest results. It is advised to waist train for at least a year for continuously in order to achieve permanent results after giving birth. 

Go, forth and reclaim your body, despite what the neigh-sayers say, they are just jealous they never have the opportunity to, but you do, so do it and do it safely. Then strap on your favorite bikini and plan a tropical island get away to show off your amazing body! 😉