To Detox after a pregnancy or not?!!

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Now that you’ve handled the pregnancy like a champ and you have gone ahead and banded your belly after the 6 weeks to 3 months waiting progress in order to ensure perfect snap back……the work still is in process. It’s time to cleanse the body of the waist that it was collecting and holding onto while it had a baby bump. 

Now is this safe? and what is the best way to go about it? 

Cleansing of the bodies system is something that should naturally be done at least twice a year, even before pregnancy. However, while pregnant this cannot be done as it may harm the unborn baby. While a woman is with child the body undergoes several changes as well as stresses internally. One of which is that it holds onto quite a lot of the waste that the baby excretes into the system. The baby does poop and urinate while it is inside of the mummy and while a lot of it gets filtered out, a bit gets absorbed into the system as well. Not to mention, while a woman is pregnant, she eats  for two, and gives into every craving, a lot of the times many women eat a lot of junky items that leave very toxic byproducts int the body. 

For these reasons it is very important to cleanse/detox the body of all the “fun” that was had while pregnant, by both the mother as well as the baby. 

The best way to go about this is to wait for at least ten days (some say 3 months) post pregnancy. When choosing a detox method, their are many on the market, however generally you will want to find something that is very natural in the the ingredients. The best thing is Castor oil, just a teaspoon, why? Castor oil has many many great benefits to the body, not to mention the liver, which is basically destroyed after having a baby along with the thyroid. What does this mean when your liver and thyroid are compromised after pregnancy? It means that the ability for the woman’s body to heal itself from the effects of toxins and free-radicals is severely compromised, causing things like cellulite and premature aging. Now when the thyroid is compromised after pregnancy without a fix, it causes a serious hit to the metabolism, which is why a lot of women gain a large amount of weight after having a baby. Detoxing the body is the first step in reversing the damage that was done internally, and it will certainly lend a much needed helping hand to the liver that will be struggling a bit.