It’s inevitable, you have to work out!

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Sadly, for those of us that are not use to having to workout, that is all going to change once you have a child- more so for some more than others. The reality is that no matter how healthy the pregnancy is and how high our natural metabolism is, there is a degree of pouchiness that we will have to address, and that can only be addressed through exercise.

So, now we have to decide on the most effective, and efficient way to go about this after all, time is against us, what with our hands now full with our little pudgy dumplings. 

Not all of us have the money to invest in a trainer, but have no fear, luckily there are ways to achieve the ultimate mummy workout at home. It is worth mentioning that no workout is effective without a proper adjustment to ones diet, so please bear that in mind if you are looking for more permanent results.

Side note: (Most of these workouts have been proven to be quite effective as a means of calming a cranky baby- extremely great entertainment for the little ones)

So, the perfect combination of exercises for a post baby female are ones that target three main areas: 

  • Full Body
  • Abdominal tightening
  • Cardio
First up, full body, the best full body exercise for the most effective post natal come back:
Next up Our focus on core or abdominal tightening: MAINLY PLANKS!.….but the other are great as well!

And last but not least, cardio, cardio, cardio!!!

This is the easiest of the lot as those little munchkins will have your cardio on 100 in no time, however in the mean time incorporate a lot more walking and the occasional jumping jack whenever the free time arises. Trust me there is no exact science to it, don’t be to focused on a regime, just do a little something every time you get the chance and you will see results!