Getting back in touch with the power of attraction!

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.…..So, why does this change? and how do we get back in touch with the power that the universe gave us from birth. Stay tuned to the next post to find out…..

Our natural abilities don’t change or leave us, overtime because of the programming of television and our parents and the stories we are fed through books and life, we becoming out of tune with our consciousness (some also call it our natural intuition). How do we get back in touch with ourselves, the self that is connected to the universe, “The One”. We must stop, not literally, but figuratively, we must stop listening and start “listening”, stop doing and and start “doing”.

What does this mean? It means to stop listening to the world and start listening to yourself and your spirit. When something makes you happy, it makes your spirit happy, you know you are on the right path, when something makes you sad, your spirit is sad, and therefore that is the universe’s sigh that you are on the wrong path. Emotions are there as a guide for us to listen too. The world today is made to distract you from your emotions and teach you that they should be ignored, when in fact they are meant to be a guide. It guides you away from danger and trouble that may lie ahead and toward where you are suppose to be. Now we also must also follow up with action, in what we do, therefore we need to start doing more of what makes us happy and less of what we are told we are suppose to do in order to achieve happiness. Happiness is a unique experience for each and every individual and can be had by all. The universe wants us to be happy, and to have everything that would allow for us to be so. The world once again is designed to distract us from this and as such the result is a lot of people that are walking around like robots doing what they are hardwired and commanded to do and less “human beings”, which are people doing what they are meant to do.

These my friends are the first steps to healing yourself and your life!….