How to enhance thought with action whilst training your brain as well as yourself

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Enhancing thoughts with action.

Training your brain is an art that will pay dividends. Allowing yourself to think only along certain positive lines is one thing, but, thought being the currency of the universe. How do you now convert those “cents into dollar and use those dollars to begin acquiring things. We do this by training the brain.

You have to back up your new thought pattern with action. Little by little you must learn how to include subtle actions that reconfirm the thoughts that you are trying to manifest. One basic way to reaffirm the thoughts with action are by simply writing them down over and over again. Like it was a punishment in a detention session for the naughty kids.

The reason they were made to write ‘lines” is basic psychology. The lines they were being made to write, would further reinforce the words that were told to them which would have been how the should and should not behave. 

The same basic principle can be applied to all aspects of life in order to further train the brain. Write it down over and over and over again, and your brain will begin to believe it more and more until it becomes to you a natural truth.