How iron affects your metabolism

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Iron and how it really affects your body and metabolism after pregnancy.

Most people are unaware that the body loses a lot of iron after pregnancy, and even more while breastfeeding. Iron is extremely important for the female body, its is necessary for energy, for the maintenance of a healthy appetite as well as for a healthy high metabolism. In fact it is one of the main culprits in the maintenance of healthy metabolic activity. 

If you choose the route of supplements to maintain your iron levels, remember to take them with vitamin C, as well do not have any type of calcium whether by supplement or naturally with it. If you choose the natural route of increasing your iron levels then simply eating more green leafy vegetables will do the trick, but it is important to do so daily. 

There are also many natural herbal powders that you can include in your meals that will get your iron levels where they need to be, those include:


  • Green tea
  • Spirulina powder
  • Maca powder 
So, bring your levels up and become like those lucky people who can eat 6 times a day anything they want and not ever gain a pound.