Best ways to release negative energy

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It is important to release negative energy if you wish o maximize the Law of Attraction.

As the new year approaches, we all are making big plans, for big accomplishments and transitions in our life. Making plans for a better future is great, but those plans won’t work out in our favor if we do not let go of the things in our life that hold us back. As we prepare to usher in a new year, here are some no fail ways to release negative energy and give yourself the best chance at a new life in 2017.

1). Forgive others and more importantly forgive yourself.

This is something that people take for granted more and more as they get older and more distracted with the numerous things that make them upset on a daily basis. Just think how happy and carefree you were as a child when you innocently forgave others when they did something that you didn’t agree with or that upset you, and how much easier it made life.

Life was easier then because no mental or emotional energy was exhausted on harboring negativity over the mistakes of others or yourself. This is something we as adults and young adults can re-teach ourselves and benefit from greatly. It will lighten our hearts and minds and in doing so make more room for positive feelings and emotions.

2).   Write it all down and burn it.

Let’s face it, not all of us like the idea of sitting and speaking to a complete stranger about our problems. However, another great way of releasing the tension that has built up over the years from negative situations and interactions is to simply write it down. Writing it out serves as a means of getting it out of your system, and burning it (while it may sound bizarre to some) serves as a way of destroying it to the minds eye. It is a proven fact that anything that soothes the mind will in turn soothe the heart and eventually soothe the body.

3). Find a song that relaxes you and designate it as a feel good mechanism in your life.

This is simple yet effective. Most of us love music because of it’s soothing effects. Some types of music is designed to make us feel better, and some of it is designed to make us feel worse. Dive into the music that once you hear it makes you feel happy inside. Make yourself a playlist and have it with you at all times. When you are in a situation that threatens your peace of mind pop it on and take yourself out of the moment. Or else wait till you get home turn on you playlist and wash off the day, everyday.

4). Practice proper breathing.

Whenever you feel overwhelmed, or a upset by a person or situation, be sure to practice proper breathing. Sounds like it doesn’t make much of a difference, but the positive effects of it are palpable. When you take a deep breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth, you give your body the proper amount of energy as well as oxygen it needs to clam your nerves and make you in turn feel a lot better a lot faster than it you didn’t. Doing this multiple times works best.

5). Practice the ancient art of laughing. 

The world is pack filled with things to be upset about, angry about, and even sad about, In fact the whole basis around “news” is to keep highlighted all the tragedies that happen in the world on a regular basis. Staying informed is great, but spend more time staying happy. Take several moments out of your day everyday to look at something that makes you laugh or even make a joke that makes someone else laugh. The effects of laughter is evident, laughter is known to have cured some people of diseases and will do the same for you and the negative energy.

6). Commit acts of charity regularly.

Doing good things for other that make them happy believe it or not goes a long way in getting rid of the negative energy that we may have acquired along the way in our days. Commit to doing one act of charity a week, make it a ritual and reap the rewards in your heart, mindset and life.

7). Surround yourself with positive, like minded people.

Easier said than done, surrounding yourself with positive people is an easy way to not only get rid of negative energy in your life, but to also keep it from ever coming back into your life again. Sadly, a lot of why the world is filled with negative energy has to do with the negative people that can be found almost everywhere. Having people in your life should not be about quantity or popularity, but about quality. If you only have one good quality person in your life, you have more than a person who has 10 people in their life of bad quality. Keep that in mind when choosing who you surround yourself by and watch your life change drastically.