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How to attract positive energy.

How to attract positive energy.

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How to use positive energy when practicing the Law of Attraction.

Knowing how to release negative energy is great knowledge to posses, however even more valuable is knowing how to attract positive energy. In today’s society it’s easy to assume that this is a rare and precious commodity, and that only a lucky few people are blessed with positive energy. However, positive energy is all around us and it’s up to us to do the right things to attract in into our lives. 

Here are the age old ways that people have been attracting and maintaining positive energy in their lives for centuries.

1). Empty mind

Most people are of the belief that in order to maintain a happy mind, you must constantly be in a state of happy thought, but this is not the case. It will actually benefit you more if you were to keep your mind as empty as possible, so that the natural energy of the world can flow easily through you, as well so that you and your thoughts and actions can flow naturally with the energy of the universe. This prevents your energy from ever going against the grain of what is meant for your life. And do not be alarmed by this somewhat lack of control you are allowing yourself to have, because believe it or not, happy is what the universe and God wants us to be as human beings, however this gets interrupted by contradictory energy when our minds are cluttered or we try too hard to control things. Free your mind and attract more positivity.

2). Visualization

Take time out your day everyday to visualize good things into your life. Things that make you happy, yes, but they must also be GOOD, if they are not good, then you run the risk of attracting negative energy into your life. Even if it is the last thing you do before going to sleep every night, visualize positive things happening in your life and watch it all manifest into your reality.

3). Charity

Acts of charity is one of the best and easiest ways to attract positivity, and this is because, it requires you to distribute positivity in both your actions as well as your thoughts into the universe. What you put out in life, is what you will get back in return. Give from your heart to something that genuinely brings you joy to do and think of doing and the rewards will be paid with dividends in the amount of positive energy that will come your way.

4). Being present

To be present is to not be stressing over the past, neither worrying about the future. To be present is to live in the here and now. Acknowledge that the past is the past, and the future is only going to be as good as every decision you make in your present.

5). Positive Affirmations

We as people often find it extremely easy to dish out positive words of encouragement to others, but rarely ever do so to ourselves. The world is only going to show you as much love as you show yourself. When you begin practicing self love and appreciation, you will be surprised to see how much positive energy you will attract.

6). Always keep a happy disposition

The power of a smile, even when you have nothing to smile about moves mountains!, it changes everything!


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