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How to train your mind to focus

How to train your mind to focus

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How training your mind to focus can change your life.

Training your mind to focus is imperative when positioning yourself to attract using the law of attraction. A focused mind is like a fertilized tree, it bears more fruit and better fruit.

But, this is easier said then done, focusing the mind in this day and age of many distractions is very tough, but it can be done. Here are some surefire ways to train your brain to focus better.

  • Read at least 2 chapters a day of your favorite books.
The dwindling art of reading, is actually what is responsible for most of the intelligent and disciplined people of the world. Reading requires you to sit still, and focus on the words in order to make sense of them as your eyes pick each one up to form a story. In order to utilize reading as a mechanism with which to train the mind to focus, it is imperative to do it in a quiet place for at least an hour everyday. Doing this will take you out of your day to day life and out of the distractions of social media, television and radio. It enters you into a quiet world where you are training your mind to be alert, seeing and processing something that only exist on paper into a mental movie as though it were real.
  • Push yourself out of your comfort zone everyday.
You might be wondering how this will train your mind, but that is because you are forgetting that DISCIPLINE is a massive requirement in order to train the mind. As the old saying goes, “Comfort is the enemy of success”. If you want to train your mind to focus on what you are trying to manifest, getting out of your comfort zone everyday will put you in a position of mind over matter. It is an effective way of getting your mind to understand that no matter what is happening to distract it, focusing on what is being done is the inevitable. The more you do this, the more resilient you will become to the distractions of life, hence the more focused you will be.
  • Written and Spoken affirmations.
When you wake up everyday, before starting the day, one of the most important things you can do is constantly remind yourself of what is important and what you are trying to accomplish. One way of doing this is with vision boards, but another way of doing this is with affirmations. Get a note book and keep it under your pillow, everyday and before you go to bed at night write and re-write what is most important to you and what you are trying to accomplish. After your morning bathe, speak to yourself in the mirror, reminding yourself of what is important and what you are trying to accomplish. Do these things ritualistically, and watch as your mind becomes laser focused on your goals and then watch it all become a reality. 
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