The stranger that wandered into our life.

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The stranger that became a friend to our heart.
Have you ever stopped and looked around you and wondered how some of the amazing people that are in your life got there? Well, on this day the birthday of one of those amazing people we find ourselves in awe of this person currently in our lives that is now our friend.
Firstly, we wish her the happiest of all her birthday’s yet today and secondly we would just like to take time off to appreciate the moment she came into our lives and all the love and support and positive energy that she brought with her. Our lives are happier with her in it and for that we are grateful. We are also grateful for all the lessons that she brought with her as well, we have all had the opportunity through being in each others lives to learn from each other and as a result become better individuals for it. 
Cheers to you on this day and everyday and we hope that this encourages more people to be grateful for each other and the parts they play in each others lives.