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Change or not…

To change or not? Have you ever sat and thought about  the things that you would change about your physical being if you could. We think that this is something that most people do, almost o a daily basis, thoughts like, If only my hair was longer, or grew faster, or if only my skin were like “whatever”, or if only my nose were like “this way”.

All these thoughts most people have that cloud them from being ever grateful for the  simple blessing of having a nose, and having a full head of hair and having skin, because the reality is, most people are not fortunate enough to have  even those simple things and would give anything just to have these things be normal on them no matter how it looked. (big, small, long, short, etc).

So, today we are grateful to have been made with everything that makes us, us. We appreciate and love every inch and would not change it for the world.