Change has never been so good.

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Change, change, change

Change: As of recently, we have been undergoing several changes in our lives. Mentally, as well as emotionally, and in our career path, as well as our “path of passion”. We have closed some companies and opened others and we have relaunched others.

All in all the changes we have embarked on have been solely based on us following what we are passionate about rather than what we were not passionate about but ha no problem doing. These changes have made us excited and happy as well as anxious and nervous.

We lost a lot of sleep over them and still do occasionally. But, have decided that it is better to try an fail rather than to not try at all. We have taken leaps of faith and encourage others to do the same. 

Make a to do list of things you want to accomplish and work everyday into converting that list into a to-done list. Most people fear change, but it is the only thing that is constant in life. We embrace it and welcome all the new things into out lives and encourage you to do the same.