Final Gratitude post for February

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Be Grateful and have everything you want.

Be grateful and have everything you want. Coming to the end of our gratitude posts, we embarked on this journey in an effort to see if even though we are always grateful and counting our blessings, did we have the ability to write it down everyday. We also did it in an effort to encourage others to develop an attitude of gratitude. 

Having found that while feeling grateful for all life’s blessings is easy. It can become challenging when you are required to put pen to paper everyday about it.

Don’t get us wrong there are a million things to be grateful for, but some might come across as shallow, while others might be a bit repetitive. Neither of which is a bad thing, but if you are sharing with the world it can come across incorrectly.

However, apart from that we found the journey a very enriching one. All that being said, today we are grateful for the ability to have a great many things in our life to be grateful for. We really do appreciate all the facets of our lives and all the experiences that molded us into who we are.

We hope that in doing this exercise we inspired some people to step out of their way to be a lot more grateful. 

Now, let’s all welcome in March tomorrow safely and with open arms. March challenge is: “One act of Kindness everyday to someone as well as to yourself.”

Join us and invite others, let’s all improve our lives together.