March challenge – Two (2) acts of kindness per day.

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We have set out a challenge for March

March challenge is “Kindness”. In kindness we learn how to connect with the correct wave length of the universe, thus allowing our energy to flow more seamlessly with the universe. We challenge everyone to commit two (2) acts of kindness daily – one for someone else and one verbal act of kindness to ourselves. 

While kindness to others is of the utmost importance, we have found that over the generations, self hate has become much more of a trend, because people have forgotten how to truly be kind to themselves. We do not mean, going out and buying yourself stuff, but in the same way that we go out our way sometimes to say kind words to the ones we care about, we encourage everyone during this exercise to say kind words to yourselves everyday.

Doing this exercise of kindness will encourage balance and a flow on each of our natural energy wave lengths. It is designed in such a way to encourage balance so that at no point are we giving to others while neglecting to water our our grass and give to ourselves.

JOIN US as we embark on this new challenge, and share it with everyone you know so that we can grow and become better together.