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Motivating others

Motivating others

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Motivating others and how it changes lives.

Motivating others, we embarked on a slightly different journey in an effort to show kindness. We sat wondering what can we do to show kindness to people that are no where near us, maybe even in different parts of the world. Then it hit us, one day while on Bloglovin a place for blogger to come together, share and create.

We noticed that there were many bloggers who were new to the craft that had zero (0) followers to their name, some made amazing content and some nothing at all and it reminded us of when we now started and was really struggling to stay motivated. One of the things that motivated us was on the occasions where people would have followed us or showed any kind of interest in our work. Thus we have decided to spend the majority of this day motivating others following all those people that have no followers as well as liking and commenting on their work, in an effort to hopefully motivate them to keep creating and not to give up. 

Today’s kind words to ourselves are: 
“Good Job, Keep up the good work.”

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