We confess…

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Sometimes we all have to confess…

We confess, unfortunately there were no acts of kindness committed on these days. We are kind of working on a project and really are just tucked away behind our computers doing work. So, there were and are no real opportunities for us to commit any acts of kindness. 

We confess we even neglected to say any positive words to ourselves during this time, but after Thursday we should be back in full effect.

We encourage you not to be discouraged, this is a part of the journey of change. There will be stumbling along the way, but as long as we get back up and continue going, all will be well. The goal will inevitably be achieved. 

We hope that anyone out there that may have been doing the challenge with us are sill going strong. Feel free to share in the comments of on our socials. 


(now we have to get back to work 🙂 have a productive day.)