Kindness Challenge Day 10). 10/3/2017 – The type of kindness people take for granted!

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Kindness people usually take for granted.

Kindness people take for granted is often the best kind of kindness. So, like we said we are working on a project of unbelievably epic proportions and like with most big projects there are bound to be some hurdles along the way. Whether in the form of miscommunication, or people not delivering what you need on time etc. Yesterday we encountered one of those hurdles and instead of reacting in a negative fashion we instead, took a deep breathe and sort to be understanding instead.





Then we thought to ourselves, this is one act of kindness people take for granted, we chose to be kind by displaying patience and understanding to the person that is failing to deliver on their end and this completely made what could have been a volatile situation a very calm and easy one. Goes to show that kindness in no matter what form can only have positive results.

Kind words of the day to ourselves: 
“You can do anything you set your mind to and you will have everything you want.”