This month we will be focusing on “Courage” and how being courageous removes obstacles between you and your manifestations.

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If you need to remove obstacles, being courageous is a great place to begin.

Being courageous removes obstacles. Now, if someone were to ask you how many times you were faced with a need for you to act with courage and instead you acted with fear and ended up creating obstacles between you and your manifestations, what would the answer be……COMMENT Below!

Don’t feel too bad though, we have all done it, once, twice, a trillion times before, until wisdom prevails and we realize that if we simply go through some of the challenges that life present us, we might actually get to where we want to be a lot faster. 

This has long been a vast misconception of manifestation and the Law of attraction,  people sometimes think that it is something that when done correctly, it would not present with any obstacles that you would need to over come. When in fact the closer you get to some of your manifestations the more obstacles would present themselves. Usually, because the universe has a good sense of humor, this is when most people tend to give up. But, in fact this is when you should keep going and pushing just a little bit harder and voila!……you will get everything you want and more.

What’s the challenge.

So, if you are a long time reader of this blog, you know we like to challenge our readers to do more and be more and better everyday. If you are new welcome! 

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“We challenge everyone including ourselves to do one thing that is being courageous every day for the next 31 days beginning today. We challenge ourselves and all of you to do this in an effort to foster growth and positive change, as well as propel us all closer than ever to our manifestations.”

Feel free to share this with friends and family so that you will have some partners along the way that will hold you accountable. And come back everyday to find out what courageous acts we have done and feel free to comment below and share your own. We will love to hear from our readers.