Day 2 of 31 day #Couragechallenge – Baby steps…

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Image result for taking baby steps gifsBaby Steps can make you more courageous.

Let’s take some baby steps shall we. So, we are only now beginning the courage challenge and we have to say this is going to take a lot of courage. But, we are up for the challenge. So, today we courageously took the first step in the re- launch of a company that we started a long time ago. 

The first time around it did not go so well, because we were young and ambitious, yet inexperienced and doing too much at the same time. This all caused a catastrophic mess which inevitably led to failure. For about a year we were in denial of the fact that we failed, and actually started thinking for a second that we probably should quit all together and give up this particular field that we once thought was tailor-made or us.

Then one day we realized that the failure did not define whether or not this was meant for us, but rather we should learn from it and forgive ourselves for all mistakes made in the past, take notes of the mistakes so that it doesn’t happen again and then proceed to plan how we will relaunch and come back stronger and better than ever. And so we embarked on a year long journey of planning after our wasted year of wallowing in self pity. 

We planned, researched, re-did our socials, new logo’s and banners and even a proper website this time and we will be completing one of the last steps before our re- launch today. Then we will be ready to get back at it, more mature and focused on what we are seeking to accomplish. And the funny thing is, the universe even started sending us clients after we forgave ourselves and realized that we should push past the failure and revive the company. However, If we did not courageously take the first steps and accepted the business into our lives, we would not be on our way to a successful relaunch today and more success to come. It’s all about baby steps, take the first step!