Day 3 of 31 – #Courgechallenge – Leaps of faith

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Leaps pf faith

Leaps of faith has always been known to make any person courageous enough to make it lives better. If you don’t take a leap of faith sometimes you will run the risk of missing out on life’s greatest opportunities. And so taking a page out of the great book of life, we took a leap of faith today and reached out to someone that in the past we did not get along with very well. The thing is in life, sometimes people come into our lives and we are not ready to receive them so we treat them badly in one way or another and then they end up walking out of our lives.

Because life has a great sense of humor, it’s only after the person walks out of our lives we realize¬†how amazing they were and by then it would be too late….or is it? Well, if we did not set our pride aside, take leaps of faith and reach out to that person, we would have thought that it would have been too late, but we learned that it is not. That if you swallow your pride sometimes in life and say i’m sorry or make an effort to make things right, sometimes it’s not too late and life smiles at you and all goes well and in your favor. So, we advise you to in every aspect of your life Take that leap of faith and see what happens!¬†Image result for taking a leap of faith gif