Day 5 of 31 – #Couragechallenge – Encouraging courage!

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Encouraging acts of courage

Today we encouraged courage even though it was a bit slow and laid back, thus we had no opportunities in which to be courageous, however, that does not mean we couldn’t push someone else to be courageous. So we did just that, being as we were in the presence of the cutest little baby boy ever. We decided to encourage courage by pushing him to get over his fear of insects. His tiny little fat face was in no way having it when he saw what would seem to him as a giant ant coming his way…

We went ahead and let him in on a little secret, “The ant is more afraid of him than he is of it”, and because it’s the type of ant that bites extremely hard, commonly known as the “Batchak”, we went ahead and showed him how to kill them as well thus encouraging courage. Which turns out to be the most entertaining thing to the little tiny fat person ……-hahahahahaha- now he runs for a shoe to smack them all. Have you ever encouraged anyone to do something courageous? Comment below!