Day 6 of 31 – #Couragechallenge – This one is for the introverts…

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Introverts will relate.

Introverts might be able to relate to this, because I guess it is a circumstantial need for courage that all introvert go through. Today is the day that we have been dreading for some reason, it’s funny, because we have a great relationship with our neighbors, we love them, we just don’t like having the awkward monthly get together at their place in which we all sit and exchange tidbit of each others lives.


Our logic is this, while we love having a good relationship with our neighbors, we don’t need for it to be so close it’s super personal, because then if anything ever goes wrong – let’s say someone is offended by the other- then living next to them just becomes unnecessarily uncomfortable, and no one needs that. But, we already agreed to the monthly meet-up so we kinda have to muster up the courage and just go, make the best of it and pray it goes by quickly. Can anyone else relate to this? If so, share in the comments below. Cheers, and wish us luck.