Day 7 of 31 – #Couragechallenge – Doing something outside the box.

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Me thinking outside the box.. Thumb it because Its clever.... :3. son Me Thinking [outside The Bunk. unfortunately, you're thinking inside the faggot box

Outside the box is where the best courageous acts live.

Outside the box thinking is where the most courageous people do the most courageous things. For a while now we have been thinking of doing something YouTube-wise…..we already have a channel for many years, just sitting there wasting away. We tried coming up with an idea for it once and attempted some videos, but then quickly realized that we did not have the zeal or more so the motivation to continue on in the creative direction we initially started with the videos, so that didn’t last very long.

So, we have been racking our brains lately as to what we should do with the channel, and today when we woke up and asked ourselves the same question yet again. We decided; we will do something outside the box and take it in the direction of food! We already cook quite a lot and always have people asking us how we did this and how we did that, so it would not be any additional work in our day and it would help out a lot of people with some easy and tasty recipes. So, we are going to take the leap of faith and courageously do some food videos. Do you enjoy cooking, let us know in the comments below.