Day 12 of 31- Couragechallenge – Having the courage to do things my way!

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Courage challenge Day 12

Having the courage to do what you want to do despite what people think is easier said than done. Don’t you just despise it when you interact with people that think if you do not do things their way on their time, then you are doing everything wrong. Well that was our experience today and quite frankly has been our experience for a while, and we were just wondering if we are alone in our resentment of these type of people. We do not know what makes people this self entitled, egotistical, and narrow minded but we are so over it. Today was the last straw for us.

We have decided to stop trying to appeal to the comfort level of others and appeal instead to our own comfort levels, ideas, and choices. Everyone has their own path in life and this is not to say that sometimes people may not have something to offer by way of advice, but for the most part do no let others control the way you do something in it’s entirety, add your own thoughts as well as “groove” to the way you go about what you want for your life and stay positive, and laser focused on your manifestations. They will work out in your favor and the fastest, best and seamless way possible. Screw the neigh-sayer and do you!