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All About Up Coming Magazine (Up and Coming Magazine)

Up and Coming Magazine (Up Coming Magazine) is a platform through which young people around the world to have their voices heard. Connect with other young people outside of their bubble and get advice, maybe lend some advice, collaborate and create and GET PUBLISHED. Share your stories with us for use in our weekly publication as well as your inventions, art or anything you want and it WILL be published for all the world to see.

With Up Coming Magazine creators can gain exposure, share your entrepreneurial ventures that were otherwise being ignored. Shine a light on the issues that matter most to you and we will share it with the world through our weekly publication. All teens and young adults of all walks of life are welcomed. You are the future, and the future is now!

We at Up Coming Magazine like to think the best way to produce the future is to create it. Whether you write, draw, paint, do photography or video, we are the space for you to publish your work.  Your future begins now and we are the platform upon which your work will be shared both online as well as offline with the world. Young people all over the world are joining the movement and you can too, just follow us on Facebook and Twitter, join our groups on our social platforms and begin sharing your work. Every week we select 5- 10 sets of creative work between our social profiles and our email and we will publish it in our weekly online as well as offline magazine publication.

Also, stay connected with us in order to hear about exciting giveaways first. We love to keep everyone who joins our team motivated to create more and share their creative works with the world.

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