Ads – Everything you need to know.

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Ads- Everything you need to know

How to use them?

Ads are the primary means of monetizing any site online. Whether through popular networks like Google Adsense, or via the local mom and pop shop. Placing advertising on your site is the best way to begin generating revenue from it. For networks such as Google Adsense it’s as simple as making sure you have a gmail account and then signing up for adsense. There are also many other sites that offer the same type of service that Google Adsense does, below we have listed them.

Which networks are the best?

To this day, the best network for generating an ad income from is Google Adsense. But there are other ad networks out there as highlighted above that provide some great competition and in some cases some advantages. Ultimately if you are looking to monetize your content through ads, Google Adsense is the best way of doing so.

What most people do not take into consideration when embarking on the Google Adsense monetization train in that all Google products work hand in hand with each other and in order to see great results from Adsense, you must do your keyword research. A great place to do keyword research is through Google Adwords.

Which ads pay the most?

The advertising that pays the most are ultimately the ones for which the keywords are searched the most online. This is why it is very important to do your keyword research.

Where to place them?

When considering where to place advertising on your website, consider where your users attention will be focused, as well as how you can get ads in that location without the webpage looking cluttered. In most cases the most profitable location for advertising is on the side of the content as well as within the header of the page. Within the content of the page is usually where link ads would be placed.

How to block them?

Blocking advertising from your internet experience is as simple as using an advertising blocker.