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The truth about Monotony

The truth about Monotony

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Monotony Overlook

For most people when they think about monotony it is something they eventually want to do in their lives. When and with whom is where things tend to get a bit messy. For a very long time, women have thought of men as incapable of being monotonous. As time has progressed and generations have changed, most women have developed an aversion to monotony as well. This brings the question to mind, “Is monotony becoming a myth?”, I have a theory on this.¬†Most people are ready for it, just at different times.


Women tend to be ready for itis monotony real at a very young age when men are not. Men are ready for it when women no longer trust that they may be capable. Now this may not be true for everyone, but it definitely is in most cases. So the next time you might encounter someone that seems to have an aversion to it, give them some time they will come around. In the mean time do not try forcing them to embrace a new way of life they are not yet ready for, this will only end in you possibly hurting yourself.

¬†Before you leave take a fun quiz on “What is your favorite type of relationship?” Do you like:

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