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Relationship recipe

Relationship recipe

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healthy relationship recipe        What’s your perfect relationship recipe?

A relationship recipe for me would be some one you can genuinely call a best friend and mean it and vice versa. Someone who would put you first, in the same way that you would put them first. Respect, Respect, Respect, they treat you like a King or Queen and vice versa. What’s a relationship without romance and deep sincere irresistible attraction – a boring relationship. I think the attraction should be deep and mutual, accompanied by acts of love, romance and appreciation to seal the deal. Most people get so swept up in lust, they forget to ask themselves if the person they are thinking about spending their lives with is in fact someone they can build a life with. I truly think that the ability to be a team player is important. Being able to work together for the greater good of the relationship is important. Being able to work together for the greater good of building a solid life together is important.

Setting clear financial, and life goals are important. It is also just as important to have a team plan on how it will be. Finally, the ability to have fun and be light hearted towards each other regularly is a beautiful thing. This is our relationship recipe, whats yours?

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