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Do a vision board

Do a vision board

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Vision boards for 2018, is something I am sure you have heard about before. For centuries people have come to realize that like attracts like, and if you want to accomplish the things you dream about the most, it helps to focus on them in every way possible.

Summer Communications vision boardVision boards are a tool with which to do just that, it allows you to sit and really focus all the energy on the things you desire to have in your reality. Whether you desire love, material things, a new job. This is the perfect way to manifest them into your reality.

For some people vision boards happen multiple times a year, for others it happens for every new year. No matter how often you choose to do a vision board. You will find that the more you do it and the more effort you put into it, the faster and more precise your results.

Main points to remember when making a vision board

  • Be clear about what you desire and find as close as you can representations of it to place on the board.
  • Wherever you can use words and images.
  • Do not limit yourself to a set amount of desires.
  • Always put big as well as small desires. (Very important to put small desires). This gets the ball of manifestation rolling, while the universe works on the bigger things.
  • Put the board in a sacred place where you can visit it daily or often to track the progress of your manifestations.

Once you have completed your vision board, it is important to move on from those desires as you have planted them. Now focus on doing all that you can do on your end to get them to manifest as fast as possible while the universe does the rest.≈

Here is a look at my vision board thus far. Summer Communications vision board 2018If you make a vision board or has ever made a vision board, comment below how it has worked for you and a picture of the one you are currently working on. I look forward to sharing and exchanging ideas.

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