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Start over if you need too

Start over if you need too

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Start overStart over if you need too, it happens to the best of us. A bad year, or couple of years – causing us to wish we could just stop everything and start over. I encourage you to do just that in 2018 if you need to. Do not fear about what others would think or feel about you. If you think that you and your life is in need of redirection, then start over and redirect your life for the better.

Tips on how best to start over

  • Do the necessary house cleaning of your life – get rid of people and/or circumstance that no longer serve you.
  • Some may need to relocate and that’s ok. Just make sure the new place suits your current needs. Whether it be for money saving purposes or comfort.
  • Sometimes you might need to compromise comfort in order to save money. If you have to do it! I assure you that when all goes well, you can regain alot more comfort later.
  • Learn how to love yourself enough to where the opinions of others during this sensitive time in your life is over come by positive affirmations and reassurance from yourself.
  • (Optional) Find at least one positive and supportive person to cling to, if you can. Whether some of us want to admit it or not – people need people- in this world where everything and song pushes people to be selfish, it is important to know that, having someone at your side through the tough times only makes it easier.

Starting over is honestly nothing to feel ashamed of. It is something we all need to do at some point in our lives. However not everyone has the courage to do it. All of the most successful/happy people in the world, have failed and started over at multiple occasions on their lives. Take a leap of faith if you feel like this is something that would benefit you. Know that at the end of the day you will be in great company.

Share with me below if you have ever felt like starting over, or even if you have. I certainly have!



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