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Do not make any plans for 2018

Do not make any plans for 2018

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Every year since forever I have heard the same question – what are your new years resolutions? To which I have increasingly become daunted, because the older I get the more I realize that making those things may work for some, but I definitely was not one of the people it worked for.

Here are a few reason why you should not make any plans for the new year(new year resolutions):

  • Making plans or new years resolutions creates the illusion that the goal at hand can only be attended to or accomplished in the future. This is not true, the sooner you work towards your goals, the faster you accomplish them, just start now.
  • Making new years plans or resolutions is known to give people a higher degree of anxiety and depression earlier in the year.
  • The making of new years plans and/or resolutions takes away from ones ability to live in the moment and truly be grateful. The inability to live in the moment and be grateful regularly, inhibits the progression of what ever goals or manifestations you are trying to bring forward.

If you are like me and not a new years resolutions type of person, then take my advice when I say, do not make any plans in 2018. Just go with the flow. Have a general idea if the things you would like to have or accomplish and for the most part, do what you can with what you have with set intention of what you are trying to manifest, and let the powers that be take care of the rest. I have really gained the best results every year this way. And if you are like me and resolutions do not work, this certainly will.

All this being said, what is something major on your list of accomplishments for 2018?

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