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Web Design and Social Media


One of the things we are extremely passionate about at Summer Communications is our clients Social Media presence. In a world whee social media is literally a part of every aspect of life including but not limited to business. The lack of a proper social media presence is the death of any brand, small or large and business. Most customers for most clients spend more time online than they do in reality as such we encourage our clients to have a firm social media presence. Because it is not always possible to have the time to constantly post updates and content on all the Social platforms for a business, Summer Communications offers affordable social media building and maintenance options that will take the burden of social media off every client. Our plans ensure that the client has a strong social presence that is felt and maintained for the duration of the company’s existence.





At Summer Communications we offer a host of custom web design solutions for our clients. If you are interested in receiving a quote for a custom website, please visit our contact us form and send us a message, or contact us through any of our social platforms or via call or email. We look forward to proving you with your desired web design solution.

Marketing, Advertising & Branding


Hiring an Advertising professional to research and run your monthly advertising needs for your company can be financially draining. Most of the time reaps little to no actual reward depending on what little experience or connections that individual may or many not have. Not to mention adding them to your payroll. Plus having to pay them whether or not they have any advertising duties to carry out every month can also be a hassle.

Summer Communications provides you with the option of hiring an advertising consultant. We can either handle your company’s advertising for each quarter once per quarter, or handle your company’s advertising per campaign. We can point you to the right people at the right time at a fraction of the price. We offer solutions for broadcast advertising throughout the Caribbean and well as Billboard or Digital advertising. Contact us for more information today.


A lot of companies have a difficult time curating a brand that leaves  a lasting impression in the hearts and minds of their target demographic. At  Summer Communications we solve this problem by providing our clients with state of the art software coupled with our branding expertise. We direct our clients to the right shapes, colors fonts and images etc that would capture the hearts of their target demographic. We further translate our consultations with clients into stunning custom logos, letterheads, flyers, company cards, in addition to all the things the client would require their brand aligned with upon request for our Branding Planning Services.




Marketing services for clients of Summer Communications are highly regarded as we go the extra mile to ensure that each client receives a marketing plan tailored to their specific marketing needs. We take extra care to go through each and every clients services as well as products to highlight to them where we think in our professional opinions their marketing effort should be focused. In doing so we seek to eliminate bad or unnecessary marketing investments, encouraging instead profitable marketing investments that would increase the clients brand awareness we well as over all sales and profit.

Do not make any plans for 2018

Every year since forever I have heard the same question – what are your new years resolutions? To which I have increasingly become daunted, because the older I get the more I realize that making those things may work for some, but I definitely was not one of the people it worked for.

Here are a few reason why you should not make any plans for the new year(new year resolutions):

  • Making plans or new years resolutions creates the illusion that the goal at hand can only be attended to or accomplished in the future. This is not true, the sooner you work towards your goals, the faster you accomplish them, just start now.
  • Making new years plans or resolutions is known to give people a higher degree of anxiety and depression earlier in the year.
  • The making of new years plans and/or resolutions takes away from ones ability to live in the moment and truly be grateful. The inability to live in the moment and be grateful regularly, inhibits the progression of what ever goals or manifestations you are trying to bring forward.

If you are like me and not a new years resolutions type of person, then take my advice when I say, do not make any plans in 2018. Just go with the flow. Have a general idea if the things you would like to have or accomplish and for the most part, do what you can with what you have with set intention of what you are trying to manifest, and let the powers that be take care of the rest. I have really gained the best results every year this way. And if you are like me and resolutions do not work, this certainly will.

All this being said, what is something major on your list of accomplishments for 2018?

Comment Below.


Start over if you need too

Start overStart over if you need too, it happens to the best of us. A bad year, or couple of years – causing us to wish we could just stop everything and start over. I encourage you to do just that in 2018 if you need to. Do not fear about what others would think or feel about you. If you think that you and your life is in need of redirection, then start over and redirect your life for the better.

Tips on how best to start over

  • Do the necessary house cleaning of your life – get rid of people and/or circumstance that no longer serve you.
  • Some may need to relocate and that’s ok. Just make sure the new place suits your current needs. Whether it be for money saving purposes or comfort.
  • Sometimes you might need to compromise comfort in order to save money. If you have to do it! I assure you that when all goes well, you can regain alot more comfort later.
  • Learn how to love yourself enough to where the opinions of others during this sensitive time in your life is over come by positive affirmations and reassurance from yourself.
  • (Optional) Find at least one positive and supportive person to cling to, if you can. Whether some of us want to admit it or not – people need people- in this world where everything and song pushes people to be selfish, it is important to know that, having someone at your side through the tough times only makes it easier.

Starting over is honestly nothing to feel ashamed of. It is something we all need to do at some point in our lives. However not everyone has the courage to do it. All of the most successful/happy people in the world, have failed and started over at multiple occasions on their lives. Take a leap of faith if you feel like this is something that would benefit you. Know that at the end of the day you will be in great company.

Share with me below if you have ever felt like starting over, or even if you have. I certainly have!



Only carry positivity into 2018

Summer Communications positivity into 2018No matter what try your best to carry as much positivity into 2018. When a new year approaches, there is almost no better time to clean house of all the negative things that have been weighing you down. Make it a point to cleanse your life of negativity, whether in the form of people, things or situations. Stepping into the new year with as much positivity and as little negativity present in your life will get you started on the right foot and keep you their for most of the year.

How to begin cleansing your life of negativity.

For the most part, just do it- stop making excuses as to why the shitty person should remain a part of your life, stop being a door mat to people that are disrespectful or do not genuinely care about seeing you happy. Get rid of items in your life that came from toxic people or places as energy attaches to objects. Try your best to get out of unhealthy circumstances or at least learn how to better navigate them for your own greater peace of mind – for the time being.

The better the start of your new year, the better the journey as well as the outcome. So do some necessary housecleaning and purge your life of negativity before entering the new year 2018 and bring positivity into 2018.


Reflect on 2017

Reflect on 2017 summer communicationwIt is a must to reflect on 2017, when a new year of life approaches, I have found it extremely useful to reflect on the year that passed by. Every year of life comes with it’s own lessons as well as blessings. All lessons in life should be learnt from, and all blessings in life should be acknowledged and appreciated. When reflecting on 2017, it is important to make a list of all the highlights as well as lowlights of the year. After doing that I have found it helpful to begin planning just a little for the upcoming year, which in this case would be 2018.

Some things to take into consideration when reflecting on the 2017.

  • All the plans you made for the year, what worked, what did not work, and why.
  • All points of hesitation and/or fear that stopped you from doing things you wish you did- and what caused it.
  • All points of bravery you experienced and what gave you the courage you needed.
  • The people that came into your life and those who left your life, and who you would like to take into 2018.
  • Points where you may have hurt or disappointed someone and how you can fix it, in an effort to start the new year with a clean slate.

These are the major things that I genuinely believe makes a huge difference when performing a reflecting of your life over any period. There are of course more things that some would take into consideration and I encourage you to share in the comments below so that we can all expand our reflections in an effort to have a better year ahead.

Do a vision board

Vision boards for 2018, is something I am sure you have heard about before. For centuries people have come to realize that like attracts like, and if you want to accomplish the things you dream about the most, it helps to focus on them in every way possible.

Summer Communications vision boardVision boards are a tool with which to do just that, it allows you to sit and really focus all the energy on the things you desire to have in your reality. Whether you desire love, material things, a new job. This is the perfect way to manifest them into your reality.

For some people vision boards happen multiple times a year, for others it happens for every new year. No matter how often you choose to do a vision board. You will find that the more you do it and the more effort you put into it, the faster and more precise your results.

Main points to remember when making a vision board

  • Be clear about what you desire and find as close as you can representations of it to place on the board.
  • Wherever you can use words and images.
  • Do not limit yourself to a set amount of desires.
  • Always put big as well as small desires. (Very important to put small desires). This gets the ball of manifestation rolling, while the universe works on the bigger things.
  • Put the board in a sacred place where you can visit it daily or often to track the progress of your manifestations.

Once you have completed your vision board, it is important to move on from those desires as you have planted them. Now focus on doing all that you can do on your end to get them to manifest as fast as possible while the universe does the rest.≈

Here is a look at my vision board thus far. Summer Communications vision board 2018If you make a vision board or has ever made a vision board, comment below how it has worked for you and a picture of the one you are currently working on. I look forward to sharing and exchanging ideas.

If you have never done it before get your horoscope read for 2018

Horoscope for 2018, this is something I discovered a while aback that really if I’m being honest can either make or break your outlook to a year. I am here to explain to you however that you need not take a negative horoscope reading as a bad thing, but more so a way to be better prepared.

Horoscope for 2018Horoscopes are a very contraversial topic. Some people believe in them and some do not, while some people dabble in them in the dark when no one is looking. I believe that life is a puzzle and there are more therefore horoscopes are just some of the pieces to it, just like everything else. Let’s be honest the more pieces to the puzzle of life we have the better of we are.

Why get your Horoscope for 2018

So, this being considered, I have done my research over the years and found that different cultures read horoscopes differently and the more significant of them are the Chinese and the Western Horoscope. These two combined have given me a lot of fun and useful insight over the years for every new year.

Sometimes the horoscope serves as a useful warning and other times it serves as just the confident boost you needed to jump into the new year with added pep. The internet is a treasure throve of information when it comes to both the Chinese as well as the Western horoscopes and so I urge you not to limit yourself and explore every link. You will know when you are reading it if it falls in your garden and applies to you or not, just listen to your intuition and keep and open mind while reading them. Also, do not be alarmed if they do not coincide with each other, they very rarely do. However, I do assure you that they both possess useful information that would help you with how you prepare for the new year.

I would love to know what the predictions hold for our guys. Let me know in the comments, as well as what your Chinese animal is, mine is Dragon.




Welcome to my December Series- “16 Things to do to prepare for the new year.”

  1. Summer-communications-16 things to do to prepare for the new yearPrepare for the new year with these fun easy to do tips and tricks. New year’s usually get everyone up in arms about what they want to change. What they want to accomplish. People get really caught up in the newness of the new year. Don’t get me wrong I do to, but, it is important to take a step back and really prepare for the new year. Here are 16 things I have learnt over the years that have really made a huge difference in the way I embraced each new year and how well the year ended up going.


I encourage my readers to step out of their box, I challenge you to try some and let me know how they work for you. Come back every day and get a cool new way to embrace the new year.