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Hiring an Advertising professional to research and run your monthly advertising needs for your company can be financially draining. Most of the time reaps little to no actual reward depending on what little experience or connections that individual may or many not have. Not to mention adding them to your payroll. Plus having to pay them whether or not they have any advertising duties to carry out every month can also be a hassle.

Summer Communications provides you with the option of hiring an advertising consultant. We can either handle your company’s advertising for each quarter once per quarter, or handle your company’s advertising per campaign. We can point you to the right people at the right time at a fraction of the price. We offer solutions for broadcast advertising throughout the Caribbean and well as Billboard or Digital advertising. Contact us for more information today.


A lot of companies have a difficult time curating a brand that leaves  a lasting impression in the hearts and minds of their target demographic. At  Summer Communications we solve this problem by providing our clients with state of the art software coupled with our branding expertise. We direct our clients to the right shapes, colors fonts and images etc that would capture the hearts of their target demographic. We further translate our consultations with clients into stunning custom logos, letterheads, flyers, company cards, in addition to all the things the client would require their brand aligned with upon request for our Branding Planning Services.




Marketing services for clients of Summer Communications are highly regarded as we go the extra mile to ensure that each client receives a marketing plan tailored to their specific marketing needs. We take extra care to go through each and every clients services as well as products to highlight to them where we think in our professional opinions their marketing effort should be focused. In doing so we seek to eliminate bad or unnecessary marketing investments, encouraging instead profitable marketing investments that would increase the clients brand awareness we well as over all sales and profit.


One of the things we are extremely passionate about at Summer Communications is our clients Social Media presence. In a world whee social media is literally a part of every aspect of life including but not limited to business. The lack of a proper social media presence is the death of any brand, small or large and business. Most customers for most clients spend more time online than they do in reality as such we encourage our clients to have a firm social media presence. Because it is not always possible to have the time to constantly post updates and content on all the Social platforms for a business, Summer Communications offers affordable social media building and maintenance options that will take the burden of social media off every client. Our plans ensure that the client has a strong social presence that is felt and maintained for the duration of the company’s existence.





At Summer Communications we offer a host of custom web design solutions for our clients. If you are interested in receiving a quote for a custom website, please visit our contact us form and send us a message, or contact us through any of our social platforms or via call or email. We look forward to proving you with your desired web design solution.